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In mijn blogpost uit november sprak ik met veel lof over de topservice van Easy-M, een service die ik nog nergens heb gezien. Wel, dit blogpost gaat ook over een service die ik nog nooit heb gezien, jammer genoeg niet in een positieve vorm. Als gevolg van deze ervaring had ik toen (22 september 2012) een brief geschreven naar Apple;


Apple Distribution International
Hollyhill Industrial Estate
Hollyhill, Cork
Republic of Ireland

Hello people at Apple

Today wasn’t a pleasant day to be an Apple customer. For almost a year I’m using my Macbook Pro every day for my studies, always working perfect. This unfortunately changed two weeks ago when my Macbook started to make strange noises. These kind of things happen so I decided to bring my laptop in to the place where I bought it, an Apple Authorized Reseller. The name of this AAR is ‘(Selexion) Michiels Media’, located in Diest, Belgium. 

After being two days in repair I received a phone call where a Selexion-employee asked for my personal password. This is quite strange because I explicitly said it was a hardware issue. Still, this wasn’t a big deal so I gave him my password. Six days after being in repair I received another phone call where they said my Macbook was running fine again. Good news I thought! The next day my brother picked up the laptop (during the week I study in another town.)

Too bad I discovered that the problem wasn’t solved so the next day, today, the 22nd of September I returned to the shop and said that the problem still existed. The shop employee said this was “normal” and couldn’t hear something strange so he wouldn’t help me anymore. After asking what he could do IF the fan was broken he asked me to leave the store – together with broken Macbook.

Of course, as a customer, I didn’t expected such an answer. But knowing that he wouldn’t help me any further I asked to another employee if he could print my invoice so I could bring my Macbook to an APR were they hopefully would help me further. “No” he simply said. “You received your invoice when you bought the Macbook.” (almost one year ago). When I asked him if he could look it up on the computer he said the printers were broken. Of course this was a lie, Michiels Media is the biggest PC/Mac shop in my town, they have more then four cash desks and they even sell printers them self!

Knowing that this was probably a lie to get rid of me, I calmly asked him if there was an other way to get an invoice. His answer was “Yes, I could ask it to our accountant but that can take up to six months”.

Temporary conclusion: they couldn’t fix my Macbook last week, they can’t print an invoice and they don’t want to help me further. After saying this wasn’t the service I was expecting from an Apple Authorized Reseller. He said I was an annoying bastard. I couldn’t believe it, I was insulted by a fifty year old man because I was asking for the service I expected from a AAR. He also threatened (accompanied with his middle finger) he would go to my home to discuss it again. I was shocked. Only a  couple of seconds later he said he would grab me by the throat if I wouldn’t leave soon. For my own safety I left the store immediately. After this unbelievable incident I went to the police to rapport this. Unfortunately they couldn’t help me further because there was no physical contact and the only witness was my girlfriend.

That day it was “dag van de klant” (day of the customer) in my country. A day when shops give small gifts to their customers. The only things I received on day of the customer were insults, a very unpleasant experience and a – still – broken Macbook Pro.

Kind regards

Uiteindelijk ben ik met de laptop naar Easy-M in Leuven gegaan waarbij ze de ventilator van mijn laptop gratis hebben vervangen. Dit was op 10 minuten in orde.

U zult zich misschien afvragen waarom ik dit verhaal vandaag de dag nog naar boven breng, wel het antwoord is eenvoudig. Michiels Media behandeld hun klanten nog steeds als afval, simpelweg omdat ze een dominante positie hebben als multimediaverdeler in de stad waar zich dit allemaal afspeelt. Met behulp van dit verhaal wil ik de mensen waarschuwen voordat ze iets kopen bij deze winkel want vroeg of laat zullen ze er spijt van hebben.

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